i'm marcos zaidowicz, a graphic designer living in curitiba.
i'm graduated in graphic design at positivo university and photography at omicron photo centre in curitiba, brazil.
my work reflects my personality and the way i see design. objective and simple.
  • march 014
  • mobexclusive
    mobexclusive offers a platform for bars, nightclubs and other entertainment services. it’s a customized app based on necessity of any establishment, that can unite online payments to different ways of interaction with customers. among the features in the app, it can be customized with events agenda, news, reservation, admission payments, chat, customized playlist songs, photo gallery and other services.
  • HYPO
    hypo is a personal project. the proposal is an app to exchange all types of contacts, numbers, email, websites and social networks with people near you. you can use at network events, meetings or even in casual parties to take all the contacts of anybody without spending time texting. hypo will save people`s profile photo and all contacts onto your agenda to help you to have your stuff more organized.
    july 013
  • hypo still is a project in development but you can download the beta version at apple store. if you’re interested visit thank you!
  • ABC X
    in 2012 abc design magazine brought to brazil ellen lupton, a graphic designer, writer, curator and educator, who is well known for her fascination and study within typography; and luigi colani, a german industrial designer who is famous for his organic design forms, which it called "biodynamic” approach.

    the identity of the event was created to bring different perspectives from two different design areas. in that context, abc x came to promote a dynamic that instigates participants to think otherwise.
    august 012
  • april 011
  • javier mariscal is one of the most important spanish designers and creator of the animation 'chico & rita', which was nominated for an oscar in 2012, was invited to come to brazil to talk about the creative process that he developed at his studio in barcelona.

    these events happened at curitiba, são paulo and rio de janeiro, getting 950 participants in interviews, lectures, and workshops.
  • the identity of this event was based on his particular style. which reflects a naive, childish and playful language. the sketches bring to mind the cartoon style of his work, with a lot of colour and common deconstruction.

    the pieces, created for the communication, varies from digital, like hotsite, email marketing, communication in social networks, to printed pieces as special invitations, posters and folders distribuited at brazilian universities.
  • photos: alex trinks
  • doce novembro
    the proposal for this portfolio was to represent the essence of priscila's photographys, playful and dreamer. this characteristics of her personality with the one of her photographs were used as inspiration for this layout. this was, also, an opportunity for new idea to flourish.
    november 010
  • november 012
  • the photography needs practical experience, giving to the viewer the opportunity to live and experience what is observed. the temp magazine tries to supply this need.

    temp, my final project at the university, is a photography magazine that intend to inspire and stimulate the reflexion and critic of contemporaneity issues about photography. beyond the goal of just be a referential magazine about photography, temp magazine is an generator object of affection and experience, turning into a collectible material because of the graphic cares and the finishing and different papers used at the publication.
  • for the project, were made researches about aesthetics and photography history, considering social impacts and cultural diversity. the technical aspects of the publication, such as formats, layout, grid, typography, were conceived by the aesthetics categories with the application of conceptual categories of visual techniques applied by gestalt. with these researches results was made a graphic project by the pilot edition, that brought the theme "the end".
    as this edition is the first one, it must bring a theme related with it.

    so, why not see it at the contrary point and talk about a theme eternally questionable: the end? The end does not just mean death, but also the end of a war, of a relationship; an end for the end, or for a new beginning.

    temp also has the goal of be an accessible magazine for a new photographers and for a public who is interested in and appreciate the field, with no restriction about what they do for living.
abcdesign n. 42
made in taiwan
para um stick fingers
criatividade fertilizada
boa viagem
a febre pantone
december 012
abcdesign n. 41
a itália, a crise e o design
quebrando fronteiras
só se for na economia
september 012
  • may 012
  • abcdesign n. 40
    o design e a cidade
    dez anos que passam voando
    o desenho e o design
  • the 40th edition of the abcdesign magazine is a special one, as it brings back old reports published among the edition number one until 25 of the magazine, chosen by the readers. plus, the 40th edition comes in a bigger format and with different materials of the usual used before.
  • abcdesign n. 39
    design e varejo
    ling. visual para as cidades
    a mágica e a ciência do 3d
    num futuro próximo de você
    números do varejo global
    march 012
  • abcdesign n. 37
    quando os carros eram pretos
    design methods
    october 011
abcdesign n. 36
a norma culta do design
design em movimento
a mágica de ravi
july 011
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